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"I have endeavored to sow the 

seed in the minds of those

who wish to venture out

 and blaze a path

into the unknown."

                            -Peter Troy

consept collective clothing jaipur india block printed peter troy amer naturally dyed

Willy Rudy, Founder, Dreamer and Designer of Consept Collective - Amer, India 2019

          To work and collaborate with master artisans, sharing and exploring their traditional craft with a little so-cal willy "rootsy" flavor so that we can revive and refresh these beautiful, yet endangered art forms. By taking time to learn the techniques and ways of the master craftsmen, we create unique designs inspired by culture, nature, travel, and of course, by the beauty and style of the art itself. 

          Introducing those curious folks back home to HOW and WHERE their clothes are made, and most importantly, WHO are the ones creating such beautiful things. 

         By working directly with the artisans in their traditional craft, we gain a better understanding and can more accurately and passionately share the existence and resilience of these arts and their makers. Turning the crowds on to the awe-inspiring processes of slow fashion, and a return to the roots!


         Making clothing was like surfing or riding a skateboard. I don't remember when I started, I just remember doing it. First sewing, stencils and spray paint, then tie dyeing and screen printing. It started to evolve into natural dyes and recycled fabrics, foraging for wild colors anywhere and everywhere from the forests and mountains, or right down the block and across the street. 

         Textiles and their origins fascinated me and soon my travels and thirst for adventure were fueled by a search for unique crafts and their creators. Irrevocably inspired by these crafts, I not only wanted to find them, but to learn the art from the masters themselves, and challenge myself to create unique works with traditional techniques. Searching for, working with, and living amongst the artisans and people of the cultures I immerse myself in has cultivated a sharing of ideas, an expansion of the imagination, and a broadening of creativity and character. 


block printing jaipur sanganer town india

Finding India

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